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Suspension wire rope shall be maintained and used in accordance with procedures recommended by the wire rope manufacturer.
A thorough inspection of suspension wire ropes in service shall be made once a month. Suspension wire ropes that have been inactive for 30 days or longer shall have a thorough inspection before they are placed into service. These thorough inspections of suspension wire ropes shall be performed by a competent person.
The need for replacement of a suspension wire rope shall be determined by inspection and shall be based on the condition of the wire rope. Any of the following conditions or combination of conditions will be cause for removal of the wire rope:
Broken wires exceeding three wires in one strand or six wires in one rope lay;
Distortion of rope structure such as would result from crushing or kinking;
Evidence of heat damage;
Evidence of rope deterioration from corrosion;
A broken wire within 18 inches (460.8 mm) of the end attachments;
Noticeable rusting and pitting;
Evidence of core failure (a lengthening of rope lay, protrusion of the rope core and a reduction in rope diameter suggests core failure); or
More than one valley break (broken wire).
Outer wire wear exceeds one-third of the original outer wire diameter.
Any other condition which the competent person determines has significantly affected the integrity of the rope.
The building owner shall keep a certification record of each monthly inspection of a suspension wire rope as required in paragraph (g)(5)(iii) of this section. The record shall include the date of the inspection, the signature of the person who performed the inspection, and a number, or other identifier, of the wire rope which was inspected. This record of inspection shall be made available for review by the Assistant Secretary of Labor or the Assistant Secretary's representative and by the employer.
Suspension wire rope shall be inspected by a competent person for visible defects and gross damage to the rope before every use and after each occurrence which might affect the wire rope's integrity.
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