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Precautions shall be taken to prevent the possibility of arcing through the suspension wire rope during welding operations.
3314.11.6.1 Insulated Thimble
An insulated thimble shall be used to attach each suspension wire rope to its hanging support. Excessive suspension wire rope and any additional independent lines from grounding shall be insulated.
3314.11.6.2 Insulating Material
The suspension wire rope shall be covered with insulating material extending at least 4 feet (1219 mm) above the hoist. If there is a tail line below the hoist, it shall be insulated to prevent contact with the platform. The portion of the tail line that hangs free below the scaffold shall be guided or retained or both so that it does not become grounded.
3314.11.6.3 Protective Covers
Each hoist shall be covered with insulated protective covers.
3314.11.6.4 Grounding Conductor
In addition to a work lead attachment required by the welding process, a grounding conductor shall be connected from the scaffold to the structure. The size of the connector shall be at least the size of the welding process work lead, and this conductor shall not be in series with the welding process or the work piece.
3314.11.6.5 Disconnected Grounding Lead
If the scaffold grounding lead is disconnected at any time, the welding machine shall be shut off or the welding lead shall be removed from the scaffold.
3314.11.6.6 Welding Rod or Lead
An active welding rod or uninsulated welding lead shall not be allowed to make contact with the scaffold or its suspension system.

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