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The following areas and spaces shall be provided.
469.4.6.1 Control Station
As determined by the office surgery suite, a control station located to permit visual surveillance of all traffic entering the restricted corridor (access to operating rooms and other ancillary clean/sterile areas) shall be provided.
469.4.6.2 Drug Distribution Station
Provisions shall be made for storage and preparation of medications administered to patients. A refrigerator for pharmaceuticals and a double-locked storage for controlled substances shall be provided.
469.4.6.3 Scrub Station(s)
Scrub station(s) shall be provided outside of and near the entrance to each operating room and may service two operating rooms if needed. Scrub station(s) shall be arranged to minimize incidental splatter on nearby personnel or supply carts. The scrub stations shall be trimmed with foot, knee, or ultrasonic controls (no single lever wrist blades).
469.4.6.4 Soiled Workroom
The soiled workroom shall contain a handwashing station, a sink large enough to accommodate the cleaning of the largest piece of surgical instrument utilized in the operating room, a work counter, and waste receptacle(s). This may be the same workroom as described in Section 469.4.7, "Sterilizing facilities."
469.4.6.5 Fluid Waste Disposal Station(s)
This station(s) shall be convenient to the general operating room(s) and post-anesthesia recovery area(s). A clinical sink or toilet equipped with a rinsing device may meet this requirement.
469.4.6.6 Anesthesia Equipment and Supplies
As required by the functional program, provisions shall be made for cleaning, testing, and storing anesthesia equipment and supplies.
469.4.6.7 Medical Gas Storage
Medical gas storage with space for reserve nitrous oxide and oxygen cylinders, if such gas is used in the office surgery suite, shall be provided and located outside of the restricted surgical area(s). Service and delivery access shall be possible without entering the restricted surgical area(s). All cylinders shall be securely chained or fastened to prevent accidental damage.
469.4.6.8 General Storage Room(s)
General, surgical and equipment storage room(s) or closet enclosures shall be provided for equipment and supplies used or required in the surgical suite.
469.4.6.9 Staff Clothing Change Area(s)
A minimum of one change area shall be provided for staff working within the office surgery suite. This area(s) shall contain locker(s), toilet(s), handwashing station(s), and space for donning scrub attire.
469.4.6.10 Patient Change Areas
An area shall be provided for patients to change from street clothing into surgical gowns and to prepare for surgery. Provisions shall be made for patient privacy and for securing patients' personal effects.
469.4.6.11 Stretcher/Wheelchair Storage Area
This area shall be convenient for use and out of the required exit access.
469.4.6.12 Lounge and Toilet Facilities
Lounge and toilet facilities with a handwashing station for staff shall be provided as required by the functional program.
469.4.6.13 Nourishment Room or Area
For office surgery suites that provide accommodations for overnight stays, a nourishment room or area shall be provided. It shall contain a refrigerator, double compartment sink, counter, and storage for food items and utensils.
469.4.6.14 Housekeeping Room
A room containing a floor receptor or service sink shall be provided exclusively for the office surgery suite. Storage space for housekeeping supplies and equipment shall be provided in this room or in the general storage room(s). Hazardous supplies such as cleaning chemicals shall be protected in accordance with the requirements of the referenced fire safety codes.
469.4.6.15 Crash/Anesthesia Cart(s)
Space shall be provided for emergency resuscitation equipment and supplies such as crash/anesthesia cart(s) with convenient access to and use from both the surgery and recovery areas.

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