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The following spaces are common to the imaging service area and are minimum requirements unless stated otherwise:
1224.18.7.1 Patient's Toilet Room(s)
In service spaces with procedure rooms that do not have dedicated patient toilets, provide a minimum of one patient toilet room within the service space.
1224.18.7.2 Patient Dressing Areas
Dressing areas shall be provided adjacent to the imaging rooms.
1224.18.7.3 Staff Facilities
In service space of three or more procedure rooms, staff toilet room(s) internal to the service space shall be provided.
1224.18.7.4 Film Storage (Active)
If film systems are used, provide the following:
  1. A room with cabinet or shelves for filing patient film for immediate retrieval shall be provided.
  2. Storage facilities for unexposed film which shall include protection of film against exposure or damage.
1224.18.7.5 Locked Storage
Provision shall be made for locked storage of medications and drugs.

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