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Support rails shall be provided on at least one wall of the car.
11B-407.4.10.1 Location
Clearance between support rails and adjacent surfaces shall be 11/2 inches (38 mm) minimum. Top of support rails shall be 31 inches (787 mm) minimum to 33 inches (838 mm) maximum above the floor of the car. The ends of the support rail shall be 6 inches (152 mm) maximum from adjacent walls.
11B-407.4.10.2 Surfaces
Support rails shall be smooth and any surface adjacent to them shall be free of sharp or abrasive elements.
11B-407.4.10.3 Structural Strength
Allowable stresses shall not be exceeded for materials used when a vertical or horizontal force of 250 pounds (1112 N) is applied at any point on the support rail, fastener, mounting device or supporting structure.

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