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2.2- General
Support areas shall be provided to meet the requirements in Section 2.2-2.6.8 (Support Areas for the Critical Care Unit) and the requirements in this section.
2.2- — 2.2- Reserved
2.2- Consultation/Demonstration Room
This room shall be provided in the pediatric critical care unit.
2.2- — 2.2.- Reserved
*2.2- Equipment and Supply Storage
Provisions shall be made for formula and human milk storage.
A2.2- Equipment and supply storage
  1. Space allowances for pediatric beds and cribs are greater than those for adult beds because of the variation in bed/crib sizes to accommodate varying patient sizes. Therefore, the pediatric critical care unit may require more general storage than the minimum in Section 2.2- (2) (Equipment storage room or alcove).
  2. Formula storage may be located outside the unit but should be available for use at all times.
2.2- Reserved
2.2- Examination Room(s)
Where provided, examination rooms shall meet the requirements in Section 2.2- (Examination room).

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