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Whenever subsurface operations, other than excavation or fill, are conducted that may impose loads or movements on adjoining property, including but not limited to the driving of piles, compaction of soils, or soil solidification, the effects of such operations on adjoining property and structures shall be monitored in accordance with Section 3309.16.
Exception: Monitoring during underpinning or alternate methods of support of buildings and adjacent property shall be in accordance with Section 1817.
3309.6.1 Change in Ground Water Level
Where placement of a foundation will cause changes in the ground water level under adjacent buildings, the effects of such changes on the stability and settlement of the adjacent foundations shall be investigated and provision shall be made to prevent damage to such buildings.
3309.6.2 Potential Hazard
When, in the opinion of the commissioner, a potential hazard exists as a result of subsurface operations, elevations of the adjacent buildings shall be recorded by a registered design professional at intervals of 24 hours or less as determined by the commissioner to ascertain if movement has occurred.

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