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Provisions of this section shall apply to hospital buildings which were originally designed to pre-1973 building codes and not designated as SPC 3 or higher in accordance with Chapter 6 of the California Administrative Code.
303A.3.1.1 Incidental and Minor Structural Alteration, Additions or Repairs
Incidental and minor structural additions shall be permitted, provided the additions meet the California Building Code for new construction using importance factor, Ie, equal to or greater than 1.0. Alterations, or repair to existing gravity and lateral force-resisting systems shall be made to conform to the requirements of Section 503A or Chapter 4A respectively using importance factor, Ie, equal to or greater than 1.0.
  1. Nonstructural components. Component importance factor, Ip, shall be permitted to be 1.0.
    Exception: Components required for lifesafety purposes after an earthquake, including emergency and standby power systems, mechanical smoke removal systems, fire protection sprinkler systems, fire alarm control panels, and egress stairways shall have a component importance factor (Ip) of 1.5.
303A.3.1.2 Major Structural Alteration, Additions, or Repairs

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