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At a minimum, EHPAs shall be designed for hurricane wind loads in accordance with ICC 500.
453.25.4.1 Enclosure Classifications
Enclosure classifications for EHPAs shall be determined in accordance with ASCE 7, Section 26.2.
453.25.4.2 Mechanical Ventilation
EHPAs shall have mechanical ventilation systems. Ventilation shall be provided at a minimum rate of 2 cfm per square foot (0.6 m3/min. per square meter) of EHPA floor area. The mechanical ventilation system shall be connected to the EHPA's emergency power.
453.25.4.3 Exterior Envelope
The exterior envelope, louvers over air intakes and vents, and gooseneck-type intakes and vents of EHPAs shall be designed and installed to meet the wind load and missile impact criteria.
HVAC equipment mounted on roofs and anchoring systems shall be designed and installed to meet the wind load criteria.
Roof-mounted HVAC equipment shall have a 12-inch-high (305 mm) curb around the roof opening and be designed to prevent the entry of rain water.
Exception: Exposed mechanical equipment or appliances fastened to a roof or installed on the ground in compliance with the code using rated stands, platforms, curbs, slabs, walls, or other means are deemed to comply with the wind-resistance requirements of the 2007 Florida Building Code, as amended. Further support or enclosure of such mechanical equipment or appliances is not required by a state or local official having authority to enforce the Florida Building Code.

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