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8-705.1 Gravity Loads
The capacity of the structure to resist gravity loads shall be evaluated and the structure strengthened as necessary. The evaluation shall include all parts of the load path. Where no distress is evident, and a complete load path is present, the structure may be assumed adequate by having withstood the test of time if anticipated dead and live loads will not exceed those historically present.
8-705.2 Wind and Seismic Loads
The ability of the structure to resist wind and seismic loads shall be evaluated. Wind loads shall be considered when appropriate, but need not exceed 75% of the wind loads prescribed by the regular code. The evaluation shall be based on the requirements of Section 8-706.
Any unsafe conditions in the lateral-load-resisting system shall be corrected, or alternative resistance shall be provided. When strengthening is required, additional resistance shall be provided to meet the minimum requirements of the CHBC. The strengthening measures shall be selected with the intent of meeting the performance objectives set forth in Sectio 8-701.2. The evaluation of structural members and structural systems for seismic loads shall consider the inelastic performance of structural members and their ability to maintain load-carrying capacity during the seismic loadings prescribed by the regular code.
The architect or engineer shall consider additional measures with minimal loss of, and impact to, historical materials which will reduce damage and needed repairs in future earthquakes to better preserve the historical structure in perpetuity. These additional measures shall be presented to the owner for consideration as part of the rehabilitation or restoration.