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Reinforcing steel or structural framework of any part of any manufactured home foundation system shall not be covered or concealed without first obtaining the approval of the building official. The building official, upon notification from the permit holder or the permit holder's agent, shall make the following inspections and shall either approve that portion of the construction as completed or shall notify the permit holder or the permit holder's agent wherein the same fails to comply with these provisions or other applicable codes:

  1. Foundation inspection: To be made after excavations for footings are completed and any required reinforcing steel is in place. For concrete foundations, any required forms shall be in place prior to inspection. All materials for the foundation shall be on the job, except where concrete from a central mixing plant (commonly termed "transit mixed") is to be used, the concrete materials need not be on the job. Where the foundation is to be constructed of approved treated wood, additional framing inspections as required by the building official may be required.
  2. Concrete slab or under-floor inspection: To be made after all in-slab or under-floor building service equipment, conduit, piping accessories and other ancillary equipment items are in place but before any concrete is poured or the manufactured home is installed.
  3. Anchorage inspection: To be made after the manufactured home has been installed and permanently anchored.

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