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In buildings other than eligible buildings, fees shall be waived only for applications, permits and inspections for work related to plumbing and electrical systems damaged by such storm. Applicants must submit certification by a licensed master electrician or a licensed master plumber or fire suppression piping contractor that the proposed work is related to such storm damage. The commissioner may request the applicant to submit additional information relating to the damage. Waiver of such fees pursuant to this section shall be applicable for jobs where the initial application for construction document approval or, if no construction documents are required, application for permit is submitted on or after October 30, 2012 and on or before December 31, 2013.

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Reference Standard 16 Plumbing and Gas Piping [PDF] (page 49)
, i.e., air conditioning drips, pump drips, cooling water, etc., may discharge into the storm water drainage system through an indirect waste ...