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§4831-01 Storage of Corrosive Materials in Pre-Existing Facilities

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   (a)   Scope. This section consolidates the New York City Fire Prevention Code and former Fire Department rules in effect on June 30, 2008, that are applicable to the design and installation of corrosive material storage in pre-existing facilities.
   (b)   Definitions. [Reserved.]
   (c)   General Provisions. Pre-existing facilities with corrosive material storage the design and installation of which would not be allowed or approved under the Fire Code, but which, pursuant to FC 102.3 and R102-01, may be continued with respect to such corrosive material storage under the applicable laws, rules and regulations in effect prior to the Fire Code, shall continue to comply with the provisions of such laws, rules and regulations, including former Fire Department rule § 1-01, until such time as such facilities may be required to comply with the Fire Code and the rules with respect to their design and installation.
   (d)   Acids.
      (1)   Former Fire Department Rule § 1-01.
         § 1-01 Tanks Used for Bulk Storage of Acids.
. . . . . . . . . .
         (b)   Storage tanks.
. . . . . . . . . .
            (2)   All new or relocated acid storage tanks shall be provided with acid proof dikes capable of holding the full contents of the tank or tanks within the dike in the event of leakage or rupture of the tanks or associated piping.
            (3)   New or relocated acid storage tanks shall not be permitted in the basement, cellar or subcellar of any structure.
            (4)   New, relocated or altered acid storage tanks shall be provided with excess flow valves for all bottom take-offs except where all bottom take-off piping terminates within the containing dike.
            (5)   All new and existing acid storage tanks shall be provided with adequate vents, not less than 1 1/4 inches for tanks up to 1,100 gallons, and not less than 2 inches for tanks of 1,100 gallons or more.

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