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Medical gases shall be stored in areas dedicated to the storage of such gases without other storage or uses. Where containers of medical gases in quantities greater than 1,500 SCF (42.5 m3) per control area are located indoors, they shall be stored in a gas room in accordance with FC3006.2.1 or a gas cabinet in accordance with FC3006.2.3. Rooms or areas where medical gases are stored or used in quantities exceeding 6,000 SCF (169.9 m3) shall be designed and constructed in compliance with Building Code requirements for high-hazard occupancies.
3006.2.1 Gas Rooms
A gas room shall be a room separated from the remainder of the building or structure by fire barriers with a fire-resistance rating of not less than 1 hour. Openings between the room and interior spaces shall be protected by self-closing smoke and draft-control assemblies having a fire protection rating of not less than 1 hour. Rooms having an exterior wall shall be provided with at least two vents in such wall, each having not less than 36 square inches (0.023 m2) free area. One vent shall be within 6 inches (152 mm) of the floor and one shall be within 6 inches (152 mm) of the ceiling. Rooms with no exterior wall shall be exhausted through a duct to the outdoors. Supply and exhaust ducts shall be enclosed in a 1-hour-rated shaft enclosure from the room to the outdoors. Approved mechanical ventilation shall comply with the requirements of the Mechanical Code and be provided at a minimum rate of 1 cubic foot per minute per square foot (0.00508 m3/s/m2) of the area of the room. Rooms shall be protected by a sprinkler system.
3006.2.2 Reserved
3006.2.3 Gas Cabinets
Gas cabinets shall be constructed in accordance with FC2703.8.6 and the following:
  1. The average velocity of ventilation at the face of access ports or windows shall not be less than 200 feet per minute (61 m/s) with a minimum of 150 feet per minute (46 m/s) at any point of the access port or window.
  2. Connected to an exhaust system.
  3. Internally protected by a sprinkler system.

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