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The storage and use of flammable and combustible liquids in repair garages shall comply with Chapter 57 and Sections 2311.2.1 through 2311.2.4.
2311.2.1 Cleaning of Parts
Cleaning of parts shall be conducted in listed and approved parts-cleaning machines in accordance with Chapter 57.
2311.2.2 Waste Oil, Motor Oil and Other Class IIIB Liquids
Waste oil, motor oil and other Class IIIB liquids shall be stored in approved tanks or containers, which are allowed to be stored and dispensed from inside repair garages.
2311.2.2.1 Tank Location
Tanks storing Class IIIB liquids in repair garages are allowed to be located at, below or above grade, provided that adequate drainage or containment is provided.
2311.2.2.2 Liquid Classification
Crankcase drainings shall be classified as Class IIIB liquids unless otherwise determined by testing.
2311.2.3 Drainage and Disposal of Liquids and Oil-Soaked Waste
Garage floor drains, where provided, shall drain to approved oil separators or traps discharging to a sewer in accordance with the International Plumbing Code. Contents of oil separators, traps and floor drainage systems shall be collected at sufficiently frequent intervals and removed from the premises to prevent oil from being carried into the sewers.
2311.2.3.1 Disposal of Liquids
Crankcase drainings and liquids shall not be dumped into sewers, streams or on the ground, but shall be stored in approved tanks or containers in accordance with Chapter 57 until removed from the premises.
2311.2.3.2 Disposal of Oily Waste
Self-closing metal cans shall be used for oily waste.
2311.2.4 Spray Finishing
Spray finishing with flammable or combustible liquids shall comply with Chapter 24.

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