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Section 2808 Storage and Processing of Wood Chips, Hogged Material, Fines, Compost, Solid Biomass Feedstock and Raw Product Associated With Yard Waste, Agro- Industrial and Recycling Facilities

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2808.1 General
The storage and processing of wood chips, hogged materials, fines, compost, solid biomass feedstock and raw product produced from yard waste, debris and agro-industrial and recycling facilities shall comply with Sections 2808.2 through 2808.10.
2808.2 Storage Site
Storage sites shall be level and on solid ground, elevated soil lifts or other all-weather surface. Sites shall be thoroughly cleaned before transferring wood products to the site.
2808.3 Size of Piles
Piles shall not exceed 25 feet (7620 mm) in height, 150 feet (45 720 mm) in width and 250 feet (76 200 mm) in length.
Exception: The fire code official is authorized to allow the pile size to be increased where a fire protection plan is provided for approval that includes, but is not limited to, the following:
  1. Storage yard areas and materials-handling equipment selection, design and arrangement shall be based on sound fire prevention and protection principles.
  2. Factors that lead to spontaneous heating shall be identified in the plan, and control of the various factors shall be identified and implemented, including provisions for monitoring the internal condition of the pile.
  3. The plan shall include means for early fire detection and reporting to the public fire department; and facilities needed by the fire department for fire extinguishment including a water supply and fire hydrants.
  4. Fire apparatus access roads around the piles and access roads to the top of the piles shall be established, identified and maintained.
  5. Regular yard inspections by trained personnel shall be included as part of an effective fire prevention maintenance program.
Additional fire protection called for in the plan shall be provided and shall be installed in accordance with this code. The increase of the pile size shall be based on the capabilities of the installed fire protection systems and features.
2808.4 Pile Separation
Piles shall be separated from adjacent piles by approved fire apparatus access roads.
2808.5 Combustible Waste
The storage, accumulation and handling of combustible materials and control of vegetation shall comply with Chapter 3.
2808.6 Static Pile Protection
Static piles shall be monitored by an approved means to measure temperatures within the static piles. Internal pile temperatures shall be monitored and recorded weekly. Such records shall be maintained. An operational plan indicating procedures and schedules for the inspection, monitoring and restricting of excessive internal temperatures in static piles shall be submitted to the fire code official for review and approval.
2808.7 Pile Fire Protection
Automatic sprinkler protection shall be provided in conveyor tunnels and combustible enclosures that pass under a pile. Combustible conveyor systems and enclosed conveyor systems shall be equipped with an approved automatic sprinkler system.
2808.8 Fire Extinguishers
Portable fire extinguishers complying with Section 906 and with a minimum rating of 4-A:60-B:C shall be provided on all vehicles and equipment operating on piles and at all processing equipment.
2808.9 Material-Handling Equipment
Approved material-handling equipment shall be available for moving wood chips, hogged material, wood fines and raw product during fire-fighting operations.
2808.10 Emergency Plan
The owner or operator shall develop a plan for monitoring, controlling and extinguishing spot fires and submit the plan to the fire code official for review and approval.

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