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Sterilization systems shall be installed in rooms that are ventilated as follows:
5308.5.2.1 Room Ventilation
Sterilizers shall be installed in a well-ventilated room or other area provided with an independent, nonrecirculating mechanical ventilation system that discharges outdoors. Ventilation supply and exhaust registers shall be located such that there are no stagnant air spaces in the immediate area of the sterilizer and that the direction of air movement is away from the operator.
5308.5.2.2 Local Area Ventilation
Where a local ventilation system is required by the regulations of the United States Department of Labor, such ventilation system shall be an independent, dedicated and nonrecirculating system that discharges directly outdoors or to an emission control system and only metallic ductwork impervious to ethylene oxide shall be used. The amount of flexible ducting and the number of elbows in the duct shall be kept to a minimum.

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