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When provided, a sterilization facility shall meet the following applicable requirements:
1226. Storage
Each facility shall provide space for the storage of disposable sterile supplies or provide space for sterilization and disinfection equipment.
Exception: Facilities with contractual arrangements for outside autoclaving and sterilizing services.
1226. Central Sterile Supply and Sterilizing Area
When provided, rooms and spaces of the central supply and sterilizing area shall comply with the following:
  1. Soiled work area. A receiving and gross cleaning area which shall contain work space and equipment for cleaning medical and surgical equipment and for disposal of or processing of soiled materials.
  2. Clean work area. A clean work area which shall contain work space and equipment for sterilizing medical and surgical equipment and supplies.
  3. Sterilizing and equipment disinfection space.
  4. Storage. Space for sterile supplies and unsterile supplies.
1226. Sterilizers
When provided, all sterilizers and autoclaves which emit system steam exhaust shall be vented to the outside of the building. Such vents shall be independent from the plumbing vent system.
Exception: Small instrument sterilizers.

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