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Stay-in-place concrete forms shall comply with this section.
R608.4.1 Surface Burning Characteristics
The flame spread index and smoke-developed index of forming material, other than foam plastic, left exposed on the interior shall comply with Section R302.9. The surface burning characteristics of foam plastic used in insulating concrete forms shall comply with Section R316.3.
R608.4.2 Interior Covering
Stay-in-place forms constructed of rigid foam plastic shall be protected on the interior of the building as required by Sections R316.4 and R702.3.4. Where gypsum board is used to protect the foam plastic, it shall be installed with a mechanical fastening system. Use of adhesives is permitted in addition to mechanical fasteners.
R608.4.3 Exterior Wall Covering
Stay-in-place forms constructed of rigid foam plastics shall be protected from sunlight and physical damage by the application of an approved exterior wall covering complying with this code. Exterior surfaces of other stay-in-place forming systems shall be protected in accordance with this code.
Requirements for installation of masonry veneer, stucco and other finishes on the exterior of concrete walls and other construction details not covered in this section shall comply with the requirements of this code.
R608.4.4 Flat ICF Wall Systems
Flat ICF wall system forms shall conform to ASTM E2634.