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(a) In every building more than three hundred feet high, a telephone and signaling system shall be provided for fire department use in operating the standpipe system.

(b) Such system shall permit communication by permanent telephones in the pump rooms, on the entrance floor, and in gravity tank rooms communicating with floors, and by means of permanent or portable telephones on each floor near the main standpipe riser. The system shall be a selective ringing, common talking system supplied by a twenty-four volt direct current power source.

(c) Permanent wall telephones shall be provided with six inch gongs at each instrument. The telephones in the pump room shall be equipped with a loudspeaking receiver so that a voice can be distinctly heard at a distance of at least fifteen feet from the receiver. All other floors shall be provided with jacks, protected by break-glass boxes, or with permanent telephones.

(d) At least three portable telephones with jack connections shall be provided for each standpipe installation, unless permanent telephones are installed at every required location. The portable telephones shall be kept in a cabinet located in the main hall of the entrance floor and shall be provided with a lock capable of being opened with a fire department standard key. Such cabinet shall be locked at all times. The panel of the cabinet door shall be conspicuously marked "portable telephone for fire department use".

(e) A pilot light shall be provided over the standpipe telephone cabinet in the entrance floor to indicate if the telephone is in use or a receiver is off the hook.

(f) Standpipe signaling devices.

(1) Manual type individually coded sending stations shall be located in the main corridor of the building or other location meeting the approval of the commissioner. This system shall be so arranged that a coded signal will be transmitted to the alarm sounding devices. An eight inch gong shall be provided in the pump rooms, in elevator shafts at intervals not exceeding ten floors, and at such other locations selected by the architect or engineer, subject to the approval of the commissioner. All apparatus used in connection with the signaling system shall be of an approved type and installed as required by the provisions of reference standard RS 17-3 governing the installation of interior fire alarm systems.

(2) Adjacent to each telephone station and near the main standpipe riser, there shall be provided an approved closed circuit strap key enclosed in a sheet metal box equipped with a paracentric fire department lock and approved hinges. The strap key shall be connected in series wth the box circuit of the signal sending station.

(3) A card of instructions shall be placed in the pump room giving code numbers of signaling stations, the pressure obtainable at various speeds of the fire pump motor, and such other information as the commissioner may direct.

(g) Where the building is subject to the provisions of subdivision (f) or (g) of section 27-972 of this article with respect to the requirement for a modified class E fire alarm signal system, the standpipe fireline telephone and signaling system may be combined with such fire alarm system provided:

(1) the alarms and two-way voice communication with the fire command station include the pump room and gravity tank or pressure tank room, and

(2) a designated floor station of the modified class E fire alarm signal system is located at or near the main standpipe riser on every floor.

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