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Per the California Fire Code,Section 2404.20, when, in the opinion of the fire chief, it is essential for public safety, the owner, agent or lessee shall employ one or more qualified persons, as required and approved by the chief, to be on duty at such place. Such individuals shall be in uniform or otherwise easily identifiable.
Standby personnel shall be subject to the fire chief's orders at all times when so employed and shall remain on duty during the times such places are open to the public or when such activity is being conducted.
Before the start of any activity requiring standby personnel, such individuals shall:
  1. Inspect the required fire appliances to ensure they are in the proper place and in good working order.
  2. Inspect all exits to verify accessibility and proper operation.
While on duty, such individuals shall not be required or permitted to perform any duties other than those specified by the fire chief.

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