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All objects that pass through the slab shall be sealed gas tight. A sealant reservoir, appropriately dimensioned to accommodate any differential movement between the object and the concrete, shall be formed continuously around the object, and the joint shall be sealed with a field molded elastomeric sealant as prescribed for isolation joints and in accordance with the provisions of Section E303.3.1. Where pipes or other penetrations are separated from the concrete by flexible sleeves, the sleeve shall be removed to provide bonding of the sealant to the object. Where stakes are used to support plumbing, electrical conduits or other objects that will penetrate the slab, the stakes shall be solid, non-porous and resistant to decay, corrosion and rust. Special care must be taken to avoid honeycombing between multiple or ganged penetrations.
  1. Large utility service openings through the slab shall be sealed gas-tight. For slab-on-grade construction, this can be accomplished by fully covering the exposed soil with a vapor-retarder membrane, covered to a minimum depth of 1 inch with an elastomeric sealant. Alternatively, the opening may be closed with an expansive concrete or hydraulic cement to within 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) of the top of the slab, and the remaining 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) filled with an elastomeric sealant. When the opening connects to a crawlspace, the opening shall be closed with sheet metal or other rigid impermeable materials and sealed with an elastomeric sealant compatible with the materials and conditions.
  2. For openings made through existing slabs, they must be sealed to meet the appropriate provisions of this section. If the opening is partially repaired with concrete, any resulting crack shall be sealed in accordance with the Section E303.3.3.
  3. Any sump located in a habitable portion of a building and connecting to the soil, either directly or through drainage piping, shall be fined with a gasketed lid. The lid shall be attached so as to provide a gas-tight seal between the sump and the access space above.

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