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Stairways and ramps that are located below the lowest floor elevations specified in Section R322.3.2 shall comply with one or more of the following:
  1. Be designed and constructed with open or partially open risers and guards.
  2. Stairways and ramps not part of the required means of egress shall be designed and constructed to break away during design flood conditions without causing damage to the building or structure, including foundation.
  3. Be retractable, or able to be raised to or above the lowest floor elevation, provided that the ability to be retracted or raised prior to the onset of flooding is not contrary to the means of egress requirements of the code.
  4. Be designed and constructed to resist flood loads and minimize transfer of flood loads to the building or structure, including foundation.
Areas below stairways and ramps shall not be enclosed with walls below the elevation required in Section R322.3.2 unless such walls are constructed in accordance with Section R322.3.5.

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