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In alterations and additions, where an escalator or stair is provided where none existed previously and major structural modifications are necessary for the installation, an accessible route shall be provided between the levels served by the escalator or stair unless exempted by 206.2.3 Exceptions 1 through 7.

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810.9 Special Rooms, Spaces, and Elements, Escalators
" in Chapter 1) and shall have a clear width of 32 inches (815 mm) minimum. EXCEPTION: Existing escalators in key stations shall not be required ...
105.2.2 Application and Administration, ASME
(http://www.asme.org). ASME A17.1-2000 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators, including ASME A17.1a-2002 Addenda and ASME A17.1b-2003 Addenda (see ...
210 Scoping Requirements, Stairways
Interior and exterior stairs that are part of a means of egress shall comply with 504. EXCEPTIONS: In detention and correctional facilities ...