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The stair shaft shall be provided with a dampered relief opening and supplied with sufficient air to maintain a minimum positive pressure of 0.10 inch of water (25 Pa) in the shaft relative to the vestibule with all doors closed.

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1012.7.2 Change of Occupancy, Stairways
the system is of adequate pressure, capacity, and sizing for the combined domestic and sprinkler requirements. Existing penetrations of stairway ...
1011.7.2 Change of Occupancy, Stairways
Where a change of occupancy classification is made to a higher-hazard category as shown in Table 1011.4, interior stairways shall be enclosed ...
1022.6 Means of Egress, Ventilation
protectives in accordance with Section 716 for shaft enclosures. The interior exit stairway and ramp ventilation systems shall be independent ...