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Only new sprinklers shall be installed.*
When a sprinkler is removed from a fitting or welded outlet, it shall not be reinstalled except as permitted by
Dry sprinklers shall be permitted to be reinstalled when removed in accordance with the manufacturer's installation and maintenance instructions.
16.2.2 Corrosion Resistant
Listed corrosion-resistant sprinklers shall be installed in locations where chemicals, moisture, or other corrosive vapors sufficient to cause corrosion of such devices exist.*
Unless the requirements of are met, corrosion-resistant coatings shall be applied only by the manufacturer of the sprinkler and in accordance with the requirements of
Any damage to the protective coating occurring at the time of installation shall be repaired at once using only the coating of the manufacturer of the sprinkler in the approved manner so that no part of the sprinkler will be exposed after installation has been completed.
16.2.3 Painting
Where sprinklers have had paint applied by other than the sprinkler manufacturer, they shall be replaced with new listed sprinklers of the same characteristics, including K-factor, thermal response, and water distribution.
Where cover plates on concealed sprinklers have been painted by other than the sprinkler manufacturer, the cover plate shall be replaced.
16.2.4 Protective Coverings
Sprinklers protecting spray areas and mixing rooms in resin application areas shall be protected against overspray residue so that they will operate in the event of fire.*
Where protected in accordance with, cellophane bags having a thickness of 0.003 in. (0.08 mm) or less or thin paper bags shall be used.
Sprinklers that have been painted or coated shall be replaced in accordance with the requirements of 16.2.3.
16.2.5 Escutcheons and Cover Plates*
Plates, escutcheons, or other devices used to cover the annular space around a sprinkler shall be metallic or shall be listed for use around a sprinkler.*
Escutcheons used with recessed, flush-type, or concealed sprinklers shall be part of a listed sprinkler assembly.
Cover plates used with concealed sprinklers shall be part of the listed sprinkler assembly.
The use of caulking or glue to seal the penetration or to affix the components of a recessed escutcheon or concealed cover plate shall not be permitted.
Sprinklers subject to mechanical injury shall be protected with listed guards.
16.2.7 Stock of Spare Sprinklers*
A supply of at least six spare sprinklers shall be maintained on the premises so that any sprinklers that have operated or been damaged in any way can be promptly replaced.
The sprinklers shall correspond to the types and temperature ratings of the sprinklers in the property.
The sprinklers shall be kept in a cabinet located where the temperature to which they are subjected will at no time exceed the maximum ceiling temperatures specified in Table for each of the sprinklers within the cabinet.
Where dry sprinklers of different lengths are installed, spare dry sprinklers shall not be required, provided that a means of returning the system to service is furnished.
The stock of spare sprinklers shall include all types and ratings installed and shall be as follows:
  1. For protected facilities having under 300 sprinklers — no fewer than six sprinklers
  2. For protected facilities having 300 to 1000 sprinklers — no fewer than 12 sprinklers
  3. For protected facilities having over 1000 sprinklers — no fewer than 24 sprinklers*
One sprinkler wrench as specified by the sprinkler manufacturer shall be provided in the cabinet for each type of sprinkler installed to be used for the removal and installation of sprinklers in the system.
A list of the sprinklers installed in the property shall be posted in the sprinkler cabinet.*
The list shall include the following:
  1. Sprinkler Identification Number (SIN) if equipped; or the manufacturer, model, K-factor, deflector type, thermal sensitivity, and pressure rating
  2. General description
  3. Quantity of each type to be contained in the cabinet
  4. Issue or revision date of the list

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