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All installed sprinkler heads shall comply with ASABE/ICC 802 or other approved standard(s).
L 411.10.1 Sprinkler Heads in Common Irrigation Zones
Sprinkler heads installed in irrigation zones served by a common valve shall be limited to applying water to plants with similar irrigation needs, and shall have matched precipitation rates (identical inches of water application per hour as rated or tested, plus or minus 5 percent).
L 411.10.2 Sprinkler Head Pressure Regulation
Sprinkler heads shall utilize pressure regulating devices (as part of an irrigation system or integral to the sprinkler head) to maintain manufacturer's recommended operating pressure for each sprinkler and nozzle type.
L 411.10.3 Pop-Up Type Sprinkler Heads
Where pop-up type sprinkler heads are installed, the sprinkler heads shall rise to a height above vegetation level and of not less than 4 inches (102 mm) above the soil level where emitting water.

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