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  1. The fire alarm system shall not be used to alert building occupants of a tornado, tornado alert, or tornado warning.
  2. The principal or person in charge of the school shall submit a clear, comprehensive, detailed, and legible drawing to the local fire code official, showing the building floor plan(s) and designated tornado shelter area(s). Each room or area shown on the plan shall be clearly indicated as to its particular use.
  3. The drawing required by paragraph (H)(2)(b)(408.2) of this rule, shall be submitted to the local fire code official for his information. A copy shall be maintained in the office of each school, for examination by the state fire marshal or local fire code official.
  4. Tornado drills shall be conducted at least once a month whenever school is in session during the tornado season. For the purpose of this rule, "tornado season" is the period from the first day of April to the last day of July. A record of such drills shall be maintained in the office of each school for examination by the fire code official.
  5. The occupants of modular classroom facilities shall be moved out of such facilities and to the designated tornado shelter area(s) in the event of a tornado, tornado alert, or tornado warning.
  6. Each local fire code official conducting the annual inspection of each school or institution shall be designated pursuant to division (C) of Section 3737.73 of the Revised Code to verify compliance with the tornado safety provisions of this rule.

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