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453.14.1 Master Control Switch
In addition to the regular main supply cut-off, each laboratory-type space (such as biology, industrial, chemistry, physics, home economics, and electronics labs) equipped with unprotected gas cocks, compressed air valves, water or electric services which are easily accessible to students, shall have master control valves or switches with permanently attached handles, located and accessible within 15 feet (4572 mm) of the instructor's station or adjacent to the primary egress door within that space to allow for emergency cut-off of services. The cut-offs shall be in a nonlockable place and the location and operation shall be clearly labeled. Valves shall completely shut off with a one-quarter turn. Computer labs are exempted from this requirement. (Also, see "Emergency shut off switches," and "Emergency disconnects" requirements under "Electrical.")
453.14.2 Interior Signage
Signage is required in educational and ancillary facilities. Design, construction, installation, and location of interior signage and graphics shall comply with the Florida Building Code and the Florida Fire Prevention Code as adopted by the State Fire Marshal and the following:
453.14.2.1 Emergency Rescue Windows
Windows for emergency rescue shall comply with NFPA 101 as adopted by the Florida Fire Prevention Code, shall be operable from the inside by a single operation, and shall be labeled "EMERGENCY RESCUE—KEEP AREA CLEAR." Hinged emergency rescue windows shall swing in the direction of egress.
Maximum capacity signs in each space with a capacity of 50 or more occupants. The signs shall be mounted adjacent to the main entrance door.
Room name, room number and, if different, FISH inventory numbers shall be provided for each space.
A graphic diagram of primary and emergency evacuation routes shall be posted adjacent to the primary exit door from each space occupied by six or more students. The diagram shall clearly indicate, by contrasting color and number, each route of evacuation.
Signs necessary to meet accessibility requirements shall be provided.
Hazardous work and storage areas shall be identified by appropriate caution signs.
453.14.3 Other Potential Hazards
Pipes, ductwork, fans, light fixtures, window projections, protruding sharp corners, or other potential hazards shall not be installed below 6 feet 8 inches (2031 mm) AFF. Audio/visual aids in classrooms may be mounted below 6 feet 8 inches (2031 mm) provided they are marked and padded in accordance with accepted safety standards or have permanent cabinets installed below them.
453.14.4 Storage Shelving
Shelving shall not have sharp corners, splinters, or any construction feature that would be hazardous to the occupants. Shelving shall be constructed to carry the loads imposed. Shelving in science labs, shop storage rooms, and other places which may contain hazardous materials shall have a 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) lip on the front edge of each shelf and shall be constructed of noncorrosive material.
453.14.5 Vertical Platform Lifts and Inclined Wheelchair Lifts
The following standards are in addition to the other requirements of the Florida Building Code, Florida law, and federal requirements:
Lifts shall not reduce the width of required means of egress.
Lifts shall have shielding devices to protect users from the machinery or other hazards and obstructions.
Lifts shall be key operated for attendant operation in all facilities housing kindergarten to grade 8.
Inclined wheelchair lifts may be installed in facilities provided:
The platform is equipped with bidirectional ramp sensing to stop travel if obstructions are encountered.
Guide rails are smooth and continuous with no sharp edges or obstructions, all drive system components contain safety features for protection of users, and cables and pulling devices are shielded.
453.14.6 Color Code Machinery
Working machinery with component parts shall be color-coded in accordance with ANSI Z535.1, American National Standard Safety Color Code for Marking Physical Hazards. Safety zone lines shall be marked on the floor areas surrounding working machinery.
453.14.7 Anchor Equipment
All equipment designed to be permanently mounted shall be securely anchored to its supporting surface.
453.14.8 Interior Finishes
453.14.8.1 Floors
Floors in instructional spaces shall be covered with resilient material or carpet.

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