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The applicable district regulations pertaining to permitted or required off-street parking facilities accessory to non-residential uses shall apply to all developments on waterfront blocks except as modified in this Section or in Section 62-45.
62-421 Accessory Non-Residential Roof Parking
On waterfront blocks, parking spaces accessory to non-residential uses may be located on the roof of a non-residential building or a non-residential portion of a building containing residential use, provided that they comply with Section 62-411 (Accessory residential roof parking), paragraphs (a) through (e).
62-422 Accessory Non-Residential Off-Site Parking
For developments on waterfront blocks, the provisions of Sections 36-43 (Off-site Spaces for Commercial or Community Facility Uses) and 44-32 (Off-site Spaces for All Permitted Uses) shall be modified to permit such spaces to be within 1,000 feet of the zoning lot to which they are accessory.

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