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109-521 Modification of Accessory Off-Street Parking Facilities
The City Planning Commission may, by special permit, modify accessory off-street parking facilities for the residential portion of any development on a zoning lot as set forth in Section 109-16 or Section 109-351.
109-522 Special Provisions for the Preservation of Certain Existing Buildings
Buildings listed in Appendix B of this Chapter, shall not be demolished or have their external architectural features altered, except as set forth in this Section.
The City Planning Commission, by special permit, may allow:
  1. in such buildings, for a change of a conforming use to another conforming use, the applicable underlying district, or Special Little Italy District, bulk regulations shall not apply to such change of use; or
  2. the alteration of such buildings, provided that such alteration and treatment of the facade relates harmoniously to the character and materials of the original facade and of adjoining buildings; and
  3. the demolition of such buildings, other than unsafe buildings, provided that the Commission finds that the existing building is not suitable for rehabilitation.
For the purposes of this Section, a change of use is a change to another use listed in the same or any other conforming Use Group; however, a change in ownership or occupancy shall not, by itself, constitute a change of use. Enlargements of such buildings shall be subject to all applicable district regulations. The Commission may prescribe appropriate conditions and safeguards to ensure that any interim uses proposed on the site prior to any construction are in conformance with the purposes of the Special District.
109-523 Applications for Special Permit
An application to the City Planning Commission for the grant of a special permit respecting provisions of Sections 109-16 and 109-351 of this Chapter, shall include: a site plan showing the location and proposed use of all buildings or other structures on the site; the location of all vehicular entrances and exits and off-street parking and loading spaces; the amount and nature of traffic to be generated by such development or enlargement and an indication of the routes that will provide vehicular access to a manufacturing, commercial or community facility establishment; and such other information as may be required by the Commission.
An application to the Commission for the grant of a special permit respecting provisions of Section 109-522, shall include floor plans of all major floors; all major elevations; a site plan depicting all structures on the site, and all structures and major features within 100 feet of the site; and such other information as may be required by the Commission.
109-525 Relationship to Public Improvement Projects
In all cases, the City Planning Commission shall deny an application for a special permit whenever the development or enlargement will interfere with a public improvement project (including housing, highways, public buildings or facilities) which is approved by the Board of Estimate or City Planning Commission, or Site Selection Board, as determined from the calendar of each such agency issued prior to the date of the public hearing on the application for a special permit.

Appendix A Special Little Italy District Map
Appendix B Buildings of Special Significance
Buildings of special significance to be preserved in accordance with the provisions of Section 109-522 are as follows:

Lot Number Address
206 1 113 Baxter Street
470 12 363 Broome Street
471 41 375 Broome Street
470 64 124—126 Bowery
472 31 240 Centre Street
492 21 209 Elizabeth Street
507 17-21 260—268 Elizabeth Street
471 28 174 Grand Street
471 58 190 Grand Street
471 57 192 Grand Street
238 6 128—130 Mott Street
508 6 256—258 Mott Street
508 9 262—272 Mott Street
509 34 277 Mott Street
481 23 201—205 Mulberry Street
509 1 266 Mulberry Street
492 44 11 Spring Street
480 21 34—36 Spring Street

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