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Flammable gases shall not be stored or used in Group A, E, I or R occupancies or in offices in Group B occupancies.
  1. Cylinders of nonliquefied compressed gases not exceeding a capacity of 250 cubic feet (7.08 m3) or liquefied gases not exceeding a capacity of 40 pounds (18 kg) each at normal temperature and pressure (NTP) used for maintenance purposes, patient care or operation of equipment.
  2. Food service operations in accordance with Section 6103.2.1.7.
  3. Hydrogen gas systems located in a hydrogen fuel gas room constructed in accordance with Section 421 of the International Building Code.
5803.1.1.1 Medical Gases
Medical gas system supply cylinders shall be located in medical gas storage rooms or gas cabinets as set forth in Section 5306.
5803.1.1.2 Aggregate Quantity
The aggregate quantities of flammable gases used for maintenance purposes and operation of equipment shall not exceed the maximum allowable quantity per control area indicated in Table 5003.1.1(1).
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