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After the issuance of a work permit, special inspections, progress inspections and other inspections required by this code to be made during the progress of the work shall be made at such times or at such stages of the work and in such manner as shall be provided by this code or as otherwise required by the commissioner. The permit application shall set forth an inspection program for the work. Such inspections may be made by approved agencies or by the department as provided in this code or in the rules of the department. Special inspections shall be performed only by individuals who are special inspectors. The commissioner may accept inspection and test reports from approved agencies and the work may, unless otherwise specifically provided by code provisions or directed by the commissioner, proceed without any verifying inspection or test by the department. The names and business addresses of special inspectors and approved agencies shall be set forth in the work permit application. All inspection reports shall be in writing and signed by the person or entity performing the inspection. A record of all inspections shall be kept by the person performing the inspection. The commissioner may require inspection reports to be filed with the department. Records of inspections made by approved agencies and special inspectors shall be maintained by such persons for a period of six years after sign-off of the work or for such other period of time as the commissioner may require and shall be made available to the department upon request.
§28- Special and Progress Inspection of Fabricated Items
Where fabrication of regulated products is performed on the premises of a fabricator's shop, special and progress inspections of the fabricated items are required as provided in this code. The approved agency shall verify that the fabricator maintains detailed fabrication and quality control procedures that provide a basis for inspection control of the workmanship and the fabricator's ability to conform to approved construction documents and referenced standards. The approved agency shall review the procedures for completeness and adequacy relative to the code requirements for the fabricator's scope of work.
  1. Work that is subject to progress inspections and performed on the fabricator's premises shall not be subject to progress inspections where the fabricator is approved by the commissioner in accordance with section 28-116.6 of this code.
  2. Work that is subject to special inspections and performed on the fabricator's premises shall be inspected by the special inspection agency in accordance with Section 1704.2.2.3 of the New York city building code where the fabricator is approved by the commissioner in accordance with section 28-116.6 of this code.
§28- Special Inspection of Raising and Moving of a Building
Where the lowest above-grade floor or the lowest subgrade floor of a building is to be raised, lifted, elevated or moved, special inspection of such work is required. The permit holder shall notify the department in writing at least 48 hours before the commencement of such work.

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