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Boring and test pit operations shall be subject to continuous special inspection to verify compliance with Section 1802. Soil sample recovery operations for test pits shall be subject to continuous special inspection to verify compliance with Section 1802.

Exception: Existing boring, test pit and subsurface investigation records that have been deemed acceptable to the commissioner in accordance with Section 1802.4.2 are not subject to special inspection.
1704.7.4.1 Boring and/or Test Pit Report
The special inspector shall prepare a written report that includes statements attesting to the following: that borings were performed in accordance with the procedures established in Section 1802.5, that 100 percent of the borings and test pits were witnessed directly by the designated special inspection agency, the identification of those borings, the name of the individual special inspectors that witnessed the borings and/or test pits; confirmation that the borings and/or test pits were made and carried to the depths indicated; that to the best of the special inspector's knowledge and belief, the description and classification of the soils are a true description of the samples recovered from the respective borings and/or test pits: that such samples were recovered at the levels indicated; and that the boring and/or test pit work progressed in such manner that the samples recovered are reasonably representative of the subsurface conditions.

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