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Where mechanical equipment or electrical generators are located outside of the building envelope or their sound is exposed to the exterior environment, the sound reaching adjacent properties shall comply with all applicable ordinances and zoning performance standards. In the absence of an ordinance or zoning performance standard specifying sound limits at the boundary, or a law specifying different limits if limits are imposed, an adjacent property at the boundary shall not be subjected to a sound level greater than indicated in Table 807.3.1 because of the sound of the equipment. Where a generator is used only for providing emergency power and all periodic operational testing is done during the daytime period of Table 807.3.1, the sound of a generator during the night-time hours shall meet the daytime limits.
TABLE 807.3.1
Day TimeNight Time
7:00 AM to 10:00 PM10:00 PM to 7:00 AM
All, except factory, industrial, or storageAll, except factory, industrial, or storage6555
Factory, industrial, or storageAll other, except factory, industrial, or storage6555
Factory, industrial, or storageFactory, industrial, or storage7575
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