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Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) equal to or greater than the values specified in Tables A4.106.5.1(1) and A4.106.5.1(3) for Tier 1 and Tables A4.106.5.1(2) and A4.106.5.1(4) for Tier 2 may be used as an alternative to compliance with the 3-year aged solar reflectance values and thermal emittance.
SRI values used to comply with this section shall be calculated using the Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) Calculation Worksheet (SRI-WS) developed by the California Energy Commission or in compliance with ASTM E1980-01 as specified in the 2022 California Energy Code. Solar reflectance values used in the SRI-WS shall be based on the aged reflectance value of the roofing product or the equation in Section A4.106.5.1 if the CRRC certified aged solar reflectance are not available. Certified thermal emittance used in the SRI-WS may be either the initial value or the aged value listed by the CRRC.
Solar reflectance and thermal emittance may also be certified by other supervisory entities approved by the Commission pursuant to Title 24, Part 1, California Administrative Code.
Note: The Solar Reflectance Index Calculation Worksheet (SRI-WS) is available by contacting the Energy Standards Hotline at 1-800-772-3300, website at www.energy.ca.gov or by email at Title24@energy.ca.gov.

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