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C602.1 Suction Fans
C602.1.1 Fan
Suction shall be provided by a fan, rated for continuous operation and having thermal overload with automatic reset features.
C602.1.2 Seal
The suction fan shall be designed and manufactured to provide an air-tight seal between the inlet and outlet ducts and the fan housing. The fan housing must remain air-tight at air pressure equal to the rated maximum operating pressure.
C602.1.3 Rating
The rating specific to system type shall apply (see Sections C603.1 and C603.2).
C602.1.4 Location
The suction fan shall be located where any leakage of air from the exhaust portion of the fan or vent system shall be into outside air. No pressurized portion of the vent system shall pass through conditioned space.
C602.1.5 Power Supply
Electrical power shall be supplied to the fan in compliance with the provisions of Chapter 27 of the Florida Building Code, Building and any additional local regulations.
C602.2 System Monitoring Device
The soil depressurization system shall include a system monitoring device which shall be either a visual device, conveniently visible to building occupants, or a device that produces a minimum 60 db audible signal, activated by the loss of pressure or flow in the vent pipe.
C602.3 Vents
C602.3.1 Material
Piping material shall be of any type approved by locally adopted codes for plumbing vents.
C602.3.2 Slope
The vent piping shall have a minimum slope of 1/8 inch (3.2 mm) per foot in order to drain any condensation back to soil beneath the soil gas retarder. The system shall be designed and installed so that no portion will allow the excess accumulation of condensation.
C602.3.3 Terminals
Vent pipes shall be terminated in locations that will minimize human exposure to their exhaust air. Locations shall be above the eave of the roof. To prevent reentrainment of radon, the point of discharge from vents of fan-powered soil depressurization shall meet all of the following requirements:
  1. be 10 feet (3048 mm) or more above ground level,
  2. be 10 feet (3048 mm) or more from any window, door, or other opening (e.g., operable skylight, or air intake) into conditioned spaces of the structure, and
  3. be 10 feet (3048 mm) or more from any opening into an adjacent building. The total required distance [10 feet (3048 mm)] from the point of discharge to openings in the structure shall be measured either directly between the two points or be the sum of measurements made around intervening obstacles. If the point of discharge is at or below any window, door, or other opening into conditioned spaces of the structure the total required distance [10 feet (3048 mm)] shall be measured horizontally between the two points.
C602.3.4 Labeling
All exposed components of the soil depressurization system shall be labeled "Soil Gas System" to prevent accidental damage or misuse. Labels shall be on a yellow band, 2 inches (51 mm) wide and spaced three feet apart on all components.
C602.3.5 Clearance
All vent piping shall be located in compliance with existing and applicable codes, with regards to clearances from mechanical equipment and flues and notching of structural members. No vent shall penetrate a fire wall or party wall.
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