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The volume of the interceptor shall be determined by using Table 1014.3.6. Where drainage fixture units (DFUs) are not known, the interceptor shall be sized based on the maximum DFUs allowed for the pipe size connected to the inlet of the interceptor. Refer to Table 703.2, Drainage Piping, Horizontal.
TABLE 1014.3.6
8 500
21 750
35 1000
90 1250
172 1500
216 2000
307 2500
342 3000
428 4000
576 5000
720 7500
2112 10 000
2640 15 000
For SI units: 1 gallon = 3.785 L
1 The maximum allowable DFUs plumbed to the kitchen drain lines that will be connected to the grease interceptor.
2 This size is based on DFUs, the pipe size from this code; Table 703.2; Useful Tables for flow in half-full pipes (ref: Mohinder Nayyar Piping Handbook, 3rd Edition, 1992). Based on 30-minute retention time (ref.: George Tchobanoglous and Metcalf & Eddy. Wastewater Engineering Treatment, Disposal, and Reuse, 3rd Ed. 1991 & Ronald Crites and George Tchobanoglous. Small and Decentralized Wastewater Management Systems, 1998). Rounded up to nominal interceptor volume.
3 Where the flow rate of directly connected fixture(s) or appliance(s) have no assigned DFU values, the additional grease interceptor volume shall be based on the known flow rate (gpm) (L/s) multiplied by 30 minutes.
EXAMPLE 1014.3.6
Given: A restaurant with the following fixtures and equipment.
One food preparation sink; three-floor drains - one in the food prep area, one in the grill area, and one receiving the indirect waste from the ice machine and a mop sink.
Kitchen Drain Line DFU Count (from Table 702.1):
3 floor drains at 2 DFUs each = 6 DFUs
Mop sink at 3 DFUs each = 3 DFUs
Food prep sink at 3 DFUs each = 3 DFUs
Total = 12 DFUs
Using Table 1014.3.6, the grease interceptor will be sized at 750 gallons (2389 L).
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