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Site work for the erection and installation of an industrialized building shall comply with the manufacturer's installation instructions. To the extent that any aspect of the erection or installation of an industrialized building is not covered by the manufacturer's installation instructions, this code shall be applicable, including the use of the International Residential Code for any construction work where the industrialized building would be classified as a Group R-5 building. In addition, all administrative requirements of this code for permits, inspections, and certificates of occupancy are also applicable. Further, the building official may require the submission of plans and specifications for details of items needed to comprise the finished building that are not included or specified in the manufacturer's instructions, including footings, foundations, supporting structures, proper anchorage, and the completion of the plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems. Where the installation or erection of an industrialized building utilizes components that are to be concealed, the installer shall notify the building official that an inspection is necessary and assure that an inspection is performed and approved prior to concealment of such components, unless the building official has agreed to an alternative method of verification.
Exception: Temporary family health care structures installed pursuant to § 15.2-2292.1 of the Code of Virginia shall not be required or permitted to be placed on a permanent foundation, but shall otherwise remain subject to all pertinent provisions of this section.
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