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The evaluator shall:
  1. Visit the building to observe and record the type, nature and physical condition of the nonstructural elements and systems for the planned NPC;
  2. Note the SPC of the buildings based on procedures followed in Article 2;
  3. Assemble building design data including:
    1. Construction drawings, specifications and calculations, and
    2. All drawings, specifications and calculations for remodeling work.
  4. During the visit, the evaluator shall:
    1. Verify existing data;
    2. Develop other needed data (e.g., measure and sketch building if necessary);
    3. Verify the critical nonstructural systems of the planned NPC;
    4. Verify the critical care areas/services; and
    5. Identify special conditions which may impact the nonstructural systems or endanger the function of the critical care areas/services.
    If drawings are not available, the site visit and evaluation shall be performed as described in this section.
  5. Review other data available such as assessments of building performance and function following past earthquakes;
  6. Prepare a summary of data using an OSHPD approved format;
  7. Perform the evaluation using the procedures in Section 11.2; and
  8. Prepare a report of the findings of the evaluation using an OSHPD approved format.
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