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Storm water detention facilities, roof retention facilities and dry-well systems shall be inspected for conformance with the approved construction documents. Minor variations, based on actual site conditions shall be acceptable at the discretion of the registered design professional of record. Verification shall include:
  1. Materials of construction.
  2. Bedding of pipe and facilities.
  3. Placement and installation of fill materials.
  4. Volume of drywell and detention facilities.
  5. Installation of volume flow control devices.
  6. Workmanship and quality of installation.
  7. Overall conformance with the approved construction documents. Hydrostatic testing of the detention system shall be required when the system is designed as watertight.
1704.20.1 Soil Percolation Tests
Soil percolation tests shall be performed at the site of a proposed individual on-site private sewage disposal system installation to determine the suitability of the soil and site. Such test shall be performed under the supervision of a special inspector. The results of the percolation tests shall be filed on forms provided by the department, stating the suitability of the site and the capacity of the subsoil for the proposed use. The registered design professional of record for the dry-well system shall be notified immediately if the results of the percolation test demonstrate that the approved system may not function as designed.
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