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Design, construction, and installation of exterior security lighting for educational and ancillary facilities shall be provided for:
453.10.3.1 Auto, Bus, and Service Drives and Loading Areas
453.10.3.2 Parking Areas
453.10.3.3 Building Perimeter
453.10.3.4 Covered and Connector Walks Between Buildings and Between Buildings and Parking
453.10.3.5 Lighting for Parking Areas
Parking area lighting standards shall be designed to withstand appropriate wind loads. Parking areas shall be illuminated to an average maintained horizontal footcandle, measured at the surface as follows:
Parking areas—1 footcandle (10 lux).
Covered and connector walks—1 footcandle (10 lux).
Entrances/exits—2 footcandles (20 lux).
453.10.3.6 Building Exteriors
Building exteriors, perimeters, and entrances may be illuminated to the minimum number of footcandles, measured at the surface with a suggested uniformity ratio of 2:1 as follows:
Entrances—5 footcandles (50 lux).
Building surrounds—1 footcandle (10 lux).
453.10.3.7 Shielding
Exterior lighting shall be shielded from adjacent properties for all exterior lighting equipment as described in Sections 453. and 453.
Exception: Lighting used for the following exterior applications is exempt where equipped with a control device independent of the control of the nonexempt lighting:
  1. Specialized signal, directional and marker lighting associated with transportation.
  2. Advertising signage or directional signage.
  3. Lighting integral to equipment or instrumentation and installed by its manufacturer.
  4. Theatrical purposes, including performance, stage, film production and video production.
  5. Temporary lighting.
  6. Roadway lighting required by governmental authorities.
  7. Lighting used to highlight features of public monuments and registered landmark structures.
  8. Lighting classified for and used in hazardous areas.
  9. Lighting for swimming pools, spas and water features.
  10. Lighting for the national flag in light pollution zones B, C and D.
A Rural and low-density residential areas such as, but not limited to: agricultural districts, one- and two-family residential communities, business parks, rural town centers, commercial or industrial areas with limited nighttime activity and the developed areas within parks and open space preserves
B Light commercial business districts and high-density or mixed-use residential districts such as, but not limited to: neighborhood business districts, light industrial areas with moderate nighttime activity, multifamily residential uses, institutional residential uses, hospitals, hotels, motels, churches, schools and neighborhood recreation facilities
C High-density commercial business districts, and heavy industrial or manufacturing areas such as, but not limited to: business districts in large cities, commercial corridors, high-density suburban commercial areas, town center mixed-use areas, industrial uses and shipping and rail yards with high nighttime activity, high-use recreation facilities, regional shopping malls, car dealerships, gas stations and other exterior retail areas with high nighttime activity
D Areas such as, but not limited to: high-density entertainment districts and heavy industrial areas, where approved by the code official
HLB > 2hm B3 B4 B5 B5
hm < HLB ≤ 2hm B2 B3 B4 B4
0.5hm ≤ HLB ≤ hm B1 B2 B3 B3
HLB < 0.5hm B0 B0 B1 B2
hm = Mounting Height: The distance above finished grade at which a luminaire is mounted, measured to the midpoint of the luminaire.
  1. Backlight (B) ratings are defined by ANSI/IESNA TM-15-11 Addendum A.
  2. Luminaires located two mounting heights or less from the lighting boundary shall be installed with backlight towards the nearest lighting boundary, unless lighting a roadway, bikeway or walkway that intersects a public roadway.
  3. The rating shall be determined by the actual photometric geometry in the specified mounting orientation.
453. Light Pollution Zones
The light pollution zone for the building site shall be determined from Table 453.10.3.7(1) unless otherwise specified by the authority having jurisdiction.
453. Light Trespass
Exterior luminaires shall not exceed the applicable backlight ratings specified in Table 453.10.3.7(2).

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