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Shoring and bracing shall comply with Sections 3305. through 3305.
3305. Approval
When patented or commercial devices that are not susceptible to design are used for shoring, bracing, or splicing, they shall be approved by the commissioner.
3305. Splices
Splices shall develop the full strength of the spliced members.
3305. Bracing
Where shore height exceeds 10 feet (3048 mm), or when necessary to provide structural stability, diagonal bracing shall be provided. Struts, anchored into masonry or to panel joints of adjacent braced bays may be used to prevent buckling of individual members not supported by the diagonal bracing, but bracing an entire tier of shores with struts without diagonal bracing shall be prohibited unless the system can be demonstrated to be braced by other rigid construction.
3305. Unbraced Length of Shores
The unbraced length of shores shall not exceed the maximum length determined in accordance with the requirements of this code for the structural material used.
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