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The following services shall be provided and may be shared with the surgical facilities. Where shared, areas shall be arranged to avoid direct traffic between the delivery and operating rooms.
1224. Supervisor's Office or Station
Office or station shall be a minimum of 80 square feet (7.43 m2) and have a desk.
1224. Waiting Room
This room shall have toilet rooms, telephone(s) and drinking fountains that are immediately accessible. The toilet rooms shall contain a lavatory.
1224. Drug Distribution Station
The drug distribution station shall have a handwashing station and provisions for controlled storage, preparation and distribution of medication.
1224. Scrub Facilities for Cesarean Operating or Delivery Rooms(s)
Two positions shall be provided adjacent to entrance to the first cesarean operating room. Provide one additional scrub sink per cesarean or delivery operating room. Scrub facilities shall be arranged to minimize any splatter on nearby personnel or supply carts. In new construction, provide view windows at scrub stations to permit the observation of room interiors.
1224. Clean Utility Room
A clean utility room shall be provided if clean materials are assembled within the obstetrical service space prior to use. If a clean utility room is provided see Section 1224.4.4.6.
1224. Storage
  1. Clean sterile storage area readily accessible to the delivery room.
  2. Equipment storage room(s) for equipment and supplies used in the obstetrical service space.
1224. Workroom
An anesthesia workroom for cleaning, testing and storing anesthesia equipment. It shall contain a work counter, sink and provisions for separation of clean and soiled items.
1224. Male and Female Staff Clothing Change Areas
The clothing change area shall be designed to ensure a traffic pattern so that personnel entering from unrestricted area outside the delivery service space enter, change their clothing and move directly into the delivery service semi-restricted area, and eliminate cross-traffic between clean and contaminated personnel. The area shall contain lockers, showers, toilets, handwashing stations and space for donning and disposing scrub suits and booties.
1224. Staff Lounge
Lounge and toilet room facilities for obstetrical staff shall be readily accessible to cesarean operating rooms(s), delivery room(s), labor rooms(s) and recovery room(s). Each toilet room shall contain a handwashing station.
1224. On-Call Room
An on-call room(s) for physician and/or staff shall be provided, but may be located elsewhere in the facility.
1224. Housekeeping Room
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