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In Group R occupancies, rooms or indoor spaces that contain cooking facilities with domestic cooking appliances shared by the occupants of more than one dwelling unit or sleeping unit shall be in accordance with all of the following criteria:
  1. The types of domestic cooking appliances permitted shall be limited to ovens, cooktops, ranges, coffee makers, warmers and microwaves.
  2. The space containing the domestic cooking facilities shall be arranged so as not to obstruct access to a required exit.
  3. Domestic cooking hoods installed and constructed in accordance with Section 505 of the Chicago Mechanical Code shall be provided over cooktops or ranges.
  4. [Reserved]
  5. A timer shall be provided that automatically deactivates the cooking appliances within a period of not more than 120 minutes.
  6. A portable fire extinguisher shall be provided. Installation shall be in accordance with Section 906 and the extinguisher shall be located within a 30-foot (9144 mm) distance of travel from each domestic cooking appliance.

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