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Self-service CNG motor fuel-dispensing facilities shall be designed, installed, operated and maintained in compliance with the requirements of FC 2308.1.11.1 through 2308.1.11.5.
2308.1.11.1 Duties of Certified Attendant
The certified attendant's primary function shall be to supervise, observe and monitor the dispensing of CNG. The certified attendant shall prevent the dispensing of CNG into portable containers, control sources of ignition, take immediate action upon a fire, leak or other emergency and be ready to use a portable fire extinguisher. Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit a certified attendant from engaging in activities directly related to the sale of CNG motor fuel, such as the collection of money or processing of credit cards.
2308.1.11.2 Self-Service Dispensers
Approved self-service devices, equipment and systems such as, but not limited to, card-operated and remote-preset types, are allowed at CNG motor fuel-dispensing facilities. The certified attendant shall set the dispensing devices in the "off" position when not in use if such dispensing device can be activated without the certified attendant's knowledge.
2308.1.11.3 Monitoring of Dispensing
A control booth shall be located on the premises of every self-service CNG motor fuel-dispensing facility. The control booth shall be an interior or exterior enclosure to which the public has no access. The certified attendant shall be present within the control booth while dispensing operations are conducted. The control booth shall be designed and located so that the certified attendant stationed therein shall have a full, unobstructed clear view of dispensing operations, except that mirrors and/or an approved closed-circuit television installation may be provided to afford the certified attendant a clear view of dispensing operations when the view from the control booth is partially or temporarily obstructed. For purposes of this section, the "clear" view provided by a closed-circuit television installation shall mean that the image on the monitor shall be of such brightness and resolution as to allow ready identification of individuals and easy observation of activities at all times of day. Audible and visible alarms required by this section shall actuate within the control booth. A properly labeled manual switch that activates the emergency shut down device shall be located within the control booth. A console that controls the self-service CNG motor fuel dispensers shall be provided within the control booth and within 5 feet (1524 mm) of the emergency shutdown device manual switch.
2308.1.11.4 Two-Way Voice Communication
A two-way voice communication system shall be installed to provide contact between the control booth and each dispensing island.
2308.1.11.5 Signage
The signage required by FC2308.1.5 shall be posted in the dispensing area of a self-service motor fuel-dispensing facility, except that the emergency procedures sign required by FC2308.1.5.3 shall be posted in the control booth.
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