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  1. Scope. This section sets forth requirements for the operation and maintenance of self-service automotive liquid motor fuel-dispensing facilities.
  2. General Provisions.
    1. Facility operation and maintenance. All self-service automotive liquid motor fuel-dispensing facilities shall be operated and maintained in accordance with FC Chapter 22 and this section.
  3. Operational and Maintenance Requirements.
    1. Movement of motor vehicles. The facility shall be operated so that movement of motor vehicles is orderly and consistent with the safe operation of the facility.
    2. Repairs. Motor vehicles shall not be repaired in dispensing areas.
    3. Control booth requirements.
      1. Housekeeping. The control booth shall be kept clean and orderly. The glass panels of the control booth shall be kept clean and unobstructed at all times. Access to the controls in the booth shall be kept unobstructed by equipment, merchandise or litter.
      2. Operating manual. An operating manual consisting of a copy of this section, emergency procedures, and facility operating procedures (including the operation of the fire extinguishing system) shall be maintained in the control booth.
      3. Portable fire extinguisher requirements. In addition to the portable fire extinguishers required by FC 2205.5 to be provided in the dispensing area, two (2) portable fire extinguishers with at least a 40-B:C rating shall be provided within the control booth.
    4. Daily inspections. The certified attendant shall conduct an inspection of the facility on at least a daily basis, and document such inspection in the log book required by R2204-01(c)(5). The inspection shall verify that:
      1. The fire extinguishing system is properly pressurized, nozzles are clear and unobstructed, and heat detectors are undamaged and unobstructed.
      2. Portable fire extinguishers have been serviced and have adequate pressure.
      3. The fire extinguishing system remote manual pull station and the pump shutdown are clear of obstructions.
      4. Leak detection systems and other alarms are in good working order.
      5. Emergency procedures signage is posted, unobstructed and legible.
      6. Required lighting is in good working order.
      7. Any mirrors and/or approved closed-circuit television used to monitor dispensing operations are in good working order.
      8. The voice communications system is in good working order.
    5. Maintenance log book. A maintenance log shall be kept on the premises for inspection by any Department representative. Such log shall list all certified attendants and other persons on the premises who hold certificates of fitness, with their numbers and expiration dates. Entries shall be made in such log book of the daily inspections required by this section, any maintenance or repair of any system, and any fires, spills or other unusual occurrences.
    6. Fuel Dispensing.
      1. The certified attendant shall not dispense liquid motor fuel into a portable container in quantities requiring a permit unless the certified attendant verifies that the customer possesses all such permits.
      2. Persons dispensing motor fuel at a self-service motor fuel-dispensing facility shall hold a valid driver's license or be at least 18 years of age. The certified attendant or other facility personnel may require any member of the public to produce evidence of same.
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