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Sectional garage doors and rolling doors shall be tested for determination of structural performance under uniform static air pressure difference in accordance with ANSI/DASMA 108, ASTM E330 Procedure A, or TAS 202. For sectional garage doors and rolling doors tested in accordance with ASTM E330, acceptance criteria shall be in accordance with ANSI/DASMA 108. (HVHZ shall comply with TAS 202.) Design pressures shall be determined from Table 1609.6(1) or ASCE 7. The design pressures, as determined from ASCE 7, are permitted to be multiplied by 0.6.
1709. Garage Door Labeling
Garage doors shall be labeled with a permanent label provided by the garage door manufacturer. The label shall identify the garage door manufacturer, the garage door model/series number, the positive and negative design pressure rating, indicate impact rated if applicable, the installation instruction drawing reference number, the Florida product approval or MiamiDade product approval number if applicable, and the applicable test standards. The required garage door components for an approved garage door assembly may be indicated using a checklist form on the label. If a checklist format is used on the label, the door installer or the garage door manufacturer shall mark the selected components on the checklist that are required to assemble an approved garage door system. The installation instructions shall be provided and available on the job site.
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