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School boards shall design educational facilities and sites including pre-K through 12, vocational and Florida colleges to enhance security and reduce vandalism through the use of "safe school design" principles. Safe school design strategies are available from the Florida Department of Education, Office of Educational Facilities, in a publication titled Florida Safe School Design Guidelines and include but are not limited to the following:
453.8.8.1 Natural Access and Control of Schools and Campuses
Natural surveillance of schools and campuses both from within the facility and from adjacent streets by removing obstructions or trimming shrubbery.
School and campus territorial integrity; securing courtyards, site lighting, building lighting.
Audio and motion detection systems covering ground floor doors, stairwells, offices and areas where expensive equipment is stored.
Designs which will promote the prevention of school crime and violence. Exterior architectural features which do not allow footholds or handholds on exterior walls, tamperproof doors and locks, nonbreakable glass or shelter window protection system; also landscaping and tree placement should be designed so they do not provide access to roofs by unauthorized persons. Sections of schools commonly used after hours should be separated by doors or other devices from adjacent areas to prevent unauthorized access. Install locks on roof hatches; apply slippery finishes to exterior pipes.
Exterior stairs, balconies, ramps, and upper level corridors around the perimeter of buildings should have open-type handrails or other architectural features to allow surveillance.
Open areas, such as plazas, the building's main entrance, parking lots, and bicycle compounds should be designed so they are visible by workers at workstations inside the buildings.
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