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At each rooftop perimeter access location, there shall be a safe landing area not less than 6 feet (1829 mm) in any dimension, and 9 feet (2743 mm) in height above the parapet or other rooftop perimeter railing or barrier. The access landing shall be connected to the clear path required by FC504.4.4. The landing shall not be obstructed by a fence, except as approved. If approved, such fence shall be provided with a standard 3-foot-wide (914 mm) gate that swings inward. Such gate may be secured by a padlock and chain capable of being cut by standard bolt cutters from either side of the gate, or secured by other approved device.
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405.7 Accessible Routes, Landings
Ramps shall have landings at the bottom and top of each ramp run. Landings shall comply with Section 405.7. FIG. 405.7 RAMP LANDINGS ... Special Application Elevators, Car Frames and Platforms
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